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We understand your matte or satin finish needs a special touch that goes beyond the typical detail. We will be using only the best products on the market by Dr.Beasley’s specifically engineered for the needs of your paint or wrap. This is the detailing service that will be the backbone of your maintenance program. With this service, we will keep your vehicle looking great and your Ceramic Coating performing its best for years.

Dr. Beasley’s car care products empower professionals and enthusiasts alike with uncompromising solutions that preserve and protect the vehicle at the highest level.

They reject the harmful chemicals mass market brands use. They spare no expense in sourcing premium ingredients when crafting entirely new technologies to go beyond what’s possible in detailing. All so we can produce impeccable results at no expense to your vehicle’s health.

This relentless drive for excellence stems from their three-part automotive care philosophy that focuses on preserving and enhancing the health of vehicle, user and environment. This is why we have decided to work with Dr. Beasley’s and their team to bring our clients, the absolute best coatings and maintenance this industry has to offer.

We carry the full lineup from Dr. Beasley’s products.

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These ceramic coatings are specifically designed for Matte & Satin finish paint, wraps & PPF

Matte Film Coating
Starting at $1,096.49

Why Use Dr. Beasley’s Matte Film Coating?

Dr. Beasley’s Matte Film Coating Kit is a ceramic coating system formulated specifically for matte vinyl wraps and paint protection films. Maximize your wrap or film’s lifespan with the coating’s added UV inhibitors that prevent fading, yellowing and disadhesion, while minimizing maintenance with hydrophobic self-cleaning. Get everything you need to properly prep and protect your matte wrap.

The Matte Film Coating Kit is a permanent nano ceramic coating for matte PPFs, wraps and decals. But why do I need a coating designed for film?

Keep Your Wrap For Longer

Vinyl wraps and stripes are a great way to get a matte look without repainting your car. But wraps aren’t invulnerable—UV rays fade their color, crack their material and even break down the adhesive keeping them on your paint. To keep your wrap as long as possible, you’ll want to have it protected by Matte Film Coating’s proprietary UV-inhibiting formula. It keeps your color vibrant, your surface healthy and most importantly, your wrap in place.

Keep Your Film Self-Healing

These days many vinyl wraps and PPFs come with unique self-healing properties. When exposed to a direct heat source, micro-marring or wash marks get filled in, erasing them entirely! But when you install a ceramic coating over a self-healing film, the coating takes up the space needed for self-healing, robbing your film of its rebounding qualities. Protecting your wrap shouldn’t mean sacrificing self-healing, which is why we formulated Matte Film Coating for flexibility, allowing your film the room it needs to bounce back from blemishes of all kinds. You’ll have the best of both worlds – a resistant coating and a self-healing film.

Resist Staining and Etching For Easy Cleaning

Say your vinyl wrap or PPF gets stained or etched – at least it wasn’t the paint, right? But now your wrap’s stained and etched, meaning you’ll need to either get a new one or deal with it looking awful. How can you get your paint and your wrap protected at the same time? Matte Film Coating solves this problem with its durable, hydrophobic properties. Once installed, Matte Film Coating’s hydrophobicity causes liquid contaminants to rest on the surface to prevent staining, while its tough barrier resists the etching caused by caked on contaminants. But it’s not just protection you’re getting – this hydrophobicity makes your wrap ridiculously easy to clean. Any contaminants on your surface will slide right off in a wash, saving your film from heavy duty scrubbing or harsh chemical cleaners.

Won’t Gloss Matte

It’s not just self-healing that standard ceramic coatings ruin on matte vinyl – they also turn your wrap’s surface into a horrible, splotchy mess. To get your film protected without altering the finish, you’ll want to use Matte Film Coating. Formulated without silicones or glossing agents, it smoothes out your matte’s color, keeping it as fresh and consistently flat as the day you bought it.

How Does It Work?

Matte Film Coating forms a cross-linked bond with your matte film’s thermoplastic surface, creating a highly durable, permanent barrier. Once bonded the coating will resist micro-marring and etching, inhibit UV rays, bead and sheet liquids, and preserve self-healing properties. Its no-filler formula will keep your matte’s appearance and smooth out any inconsistencies.

Matte Paint Coating Pro
Starting at $1,096.49

Why Use Dr. Beasley’s Matte Paint Coating Pro?

A breakthrough in ceramic coating technology, the Matte Paint Coating Pro Kit is the first ever self-healing, long-lasting, 100% solids ceramic coating for matte paint. Keep your matte paint looking new with 5+ years of protection against fine scratches, contaminants and UV fading.


A quick primer on matte finishes: they get their flat appearance from the way light reflects off the microscopic imperfections in their surface. Most ceramic coatings fill in these imperfections, creating a gloss that totally ruins the muted look. Realizing this, we formulated Matte Paint Coating Pro to instead adhere to the imperfections, preserving the matte sheen while still providing ultra-durable protection.


Matte Paint Coating Pro’s elastomeric technology makes it a cut above our original Matte Paint Coating, durability-wise. Here’s how it works: Matte Paint Coating Pro creates a cross-linked bond to build an elastomeric nanostructure that flexes and self-heals. So when you have Matte Paint Coating Pro installed on your vehicle, minor abrasions will even themselves out over time without the need for a heat gun, plus your coating will flex with your body panels so they won’t buckle under minor distortion. Matte Paint Coating Pro doesn’t just resist – it bounces back.


While our original Matte Paint Coating had a solid longevity, Matte Paint Coating Pro is truly in it for the long haul. With a fully inorganic 100% solids formula, prep product to ensure proper bonding, and an elastomeric nanostructure, Matte Paint Coating Pro is absolutely built to last. We stand by this technology firmly, so we warranty authorized installations for 5 years. With regular cleaning and occasional maintenance, your coating will continue to perform for years on end.


*Warranty is valid only on coatings installed by a Dr. Beasley’s Authorized Detailer.

This is a professional ceramic coating that requires careful application. 

*** All pricing displayed above is based on the Enhancement paint correction package on an X-Small/Compact vehicles e.g., 2-Door/Audi A3/BMW 2 Series/VW Golf GTI/Fiat 500/Mini Cooper or equivalent.
*** All coatings require an overnight 12hr curing time.